Welcome to Digger Mole

Delightful children's stories around a family of Moles who live in the New Forest

These delightful children's stories, of which there are currently 8 in the series, with more planned have been written for 2-6-year-olds and will appeal to both girls, boys and adults too.

The stories are based around a family of Moles who live in the New Forest. Each book is beautifully presented with bright colour pictures over 12 of the 24 pages, every story is a five-minute read, making it ideal for bedtime reading, the books are also a great learning tool with the large print really suitable for word recognition when reading to young children.

Wherever possible the stories contain good basic family values, good clean harmless fun, caring & sharing, and in many of the stories the Moles visit real places.



The inspiration for Digger came while Alan, the author, was writing a news letter for the pub the Waggon & Horses in Lymington.

The fictitious character he created was 'Digby' not his real name he was a Mole in the pub.

Alan says:

With this individual I had planned to have a bit of fun with the locals (They could read about themselves through the pages of Digger the Mole in the pub).  However the more I looked at the Digby Mole in the pub character it became quite apparent that Digger Mole (In the Forest) would be an interesting children's book character.

Alan completed some basic research and realised there wasn't too many children's books around with moles. In fact the last one of repute was Wind in the Willows. Beatrix Potter had also introduced a mole in to her wonderful books but after that very little had been written using our friends.

Montagu Mole and the Super Highway read by Byron the Robot