Hi I'm Digger Mole


Digger Mole is the main character in these children's stories. He is the caring father of a family of five including himself and his wife Molly. Always full of ideas, and coming up with ways, to improve the lives of others.

Digger has many forest friends and you can meet them through the pages of these well illustrated & well-written children's books.


Hello I'm Alan Scouse

In 1990 I emigrated to Sydney, Australia and enjoyed several roles before spending 12 years with the marquee hirer & special events company Pillingers Hiring Service. I assisted the Lamberty family in developing ‘Pillingers’ into a leading marquee & equipment company. I completed over 40 events for the Royal Australian Navy and in 2006 supplied a marquee to HM The Queen on her
Sydney visit.

I returned to the UK in 2008 to support my wife Adare’s dream of running a British pub. As a couple we ran two pubs and while at the Waggon & Horses in Lymington I created the children’s character ‘Digger Mole’. I have now written and self published a series of 9 books under the series of ‘Mole in the Forest’.

Currently, I work for the Post Office, part time, which gives me the time to write Digger's Diary.

Fast approaching retirement age I have no intention of stopping soon and my main objective is to develop ‘Digger Mole’ and his friends into a successful children’s brand. With more books and merchandise planned I am seeking a Commercial Enterprise to join me in making ‘Mole in the Forest’ not only an established British Brand but also an export contributor.



Alan Scouse