Brooklands and The Southampton Boatshow

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A week in the life of the ‘Mole’ family down here in the New Forest (Hampshire)

Very close to our copse is a pub the ‘Waggon & Horses’ (Lymington) this was where I was born the pub is still going but is now called the ‘The Ferryman’ It is in a lovely area just outside the town of Lymington in a borough we call Molehampton below ground, while it is called Walhampton above ground

The reason I mention this is to give you some idea of what life is like underground in our labyrinth of tunnels and below them roads (Mollways) where we can travel all over the UK and further Many of our tunnels are lined with lanterns to help us see, but the quieter less used tunnels are unlit and we have to feel our way along but we find that lots of fun also Once we bury down below the tunnels we come to our amazing road system the Mollways these are brightly lit and we can drive vast distances very quickly along them
Our car is a ‘Molewaggon’ it is blue in colour and we are always visiting interesting places in it

Last week we drove to Weybridge in Surrey to Brooklands, the old race track for racing cars was built in 1907 and in places had high embankments so the cars would race along at incredible angles, today only part of the full race track exists and events are still held there

We still have a full racing circuit of 3 miles and just like the one above us ours has the fully banked racetrack and we drove our car all around the track…it was such fun Digger would have loved to have been a Racing Mole but could he keep up with Lewis Hamilton?
Afterwards we visited the Brookland Museum and enjoyed our lunch there before driving back to Molehampton in the New Forest

On Thursday we stayed far closer to home and visited the Southampton Boat Show, unfortunatelywr the weather was not so kind but that didn’t stop us enjoying ourselves

Skipper walked round very slowly taking in each stand and looking at all the varied equipment & boats he would like to buy. I took Molly Mole along to the Sunseeker stand and showed her the style of boat I would like to buy if we one lottery, it looked more like a small liner, however much to my delight on display was a small version (just my size) of the Sunseeker Seabob and Molly took a photo of me sitting on it (of course we asked permission first) I would love to own one of those but think it would soon be taken over by Dapper Mole

What do you think looks great doesn’t it?

Back to the forest…the leaves on the trees have started to to turn yellowish and have started to fall to the ground, soon the forest floor will be a golden carpet of leaves

The days are becoming cooler with that lovely fresh feeling… as I always say we are so lucky to live

Well thats about it for this week…I will write more next week

Bye for now

Digger Mole