A busy week for Digger Mole!

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What a busy week we have had……On Monday Dinky became rather concerned about the plight of ladybirds this coming Autumn & Winter so we went out and bought a ladybird & insect tower for the back garden. We put this small wooden log up and hope this will make a nice snug home for at least one ladybird family this winter.  It’s only a small token but if everyone did something it would help our insects greatly.

On Tuesday we went past my birthplace the ‘Waggon & Horses’ Lymington and I noticed the concrete Moles that we had put up on the roof of the pub (outside) were missing
I was pleasantly surprised to find one of them had been moved into the warmth (on the fireplace) of the ‘Kings Head’ Lymington well worth a visit just to see him.

Wednesday was Adare (my creator’s wife) birthday, so Alan & I went out and bought her a lovely french canvass painting we had our eyes on for a while. Apart from some great artwork by John Haskins we were most taken with the Mole in the painting (not sure it is on the original) anyway Adare liked it and thats what counted.

Digger Mole at Mole Cottage

Thursday I went with Alan to to see our friends at Tickling Trout…Alan is learning all about Twitter so as well as this blog, we will start tweeting all sorts of things relevant to the Forest and our local area a lovely lady named Rebecca is helping Alan with this.  On the way back from Andover we stopped at Upper Clatford for a quick lemonade in the Crook & Shears a lovely country pub run by Ian & Esta and I was most surprised that the cottage next door was named Mole Cottage….I just could not resist a selfie. Once home & in the evening we enjoyed a BBQ in the garden and as the evening became darker we lit the chiminea and sat under the solar bulbs that turn themselves on as it gets dark … wonderful.

On Friday I needed a trim (haircut) so I called into my friends Paul & Paul at Hair@37 Shirley and I came out looking a much younger Mole or so Molly tells me.

This week we saw a lot of scooters come through the forest on there way to the Isle of Wight Scooter Rally…I was talking to a whole crowd of them from Birmingham and they had a great time even swimming in the sea on Saturday…I hope they all got home safetly

The forest remains busy with lots of visitor still arriving during the school holidays and as always we ask drivers to slow down and look out for the ponies and other animals, so many get killed every year and its such a shame as many of them are our friends.  On a brighter note we are off to Salisbury on Monday to visit some friends that live under Stonehenge and will tell you all about that next week.

Bye for now
Digger Mole