Digger visits Poohsticks Bridge in Ashdown Forest

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Welcome to my very own diary,

I have been off the last couple of weeks and this is my reason for no recent blogs….However I am back now and raring to go

During my time off we did a number of day trips and one special day was when Molly & I went to Ashdown Forest in Sussex

This of course is the home of Winnie the Pooh….we visited Pooh Corner the shop that contained floor to ceiling lots & lots of Pooh Merchandise & Books. It was amazing and we really had a great time. We stopped for a cuppa while we were and bought a wall plaque & a fridge magnet with Winnie going for a thinking walk….I often do that, I have a lot of thinking to do planning my next adventures. Later we drove to Ashdown Forest about a mile away and parked in Pooh car park. We then walked into the forest following the signs to Poohsticks Bridge.

Of course Molly & I threw in our Pooh sticks and we were delighted when they emerged the other side both together joined at the top

just like Molly Mole & I inseparable I do love her so much

We are both big fans of Winnie the Pooh and his friends and we really had an enjoyable day out we will certainly be going back soon

It was raining when we left and our boots got rather muddy We were soon back in the Molewaggon and drove underground back to Molehampton in the New Forest

Other days out included trips to Portsmouth, Romsey and a full days shopping in Southampton. Molly Mole loves shopping and afterwards we went for a lovely Thai meal in Shangai Restaurant (The ex HSBC) in the High St….we can thoroughly recommend it

Well enough about our days out let me give you an update about what has been happening in our New Forest

Of course we are now really into Autumn and the leaves are falling off the trees at quite a fast rate while it was dry the forest floor was like a golden carpet but since the rain it has become rather soft & slushy, however the younger moles have fun sliding around chasing each other.

We had a lovely barbecue to celebrate Halloween and invited all our forest friends, there was about 60 of us and we had a great time

I really enjoyed doing the cooking and everyone seemed to enjoy the food

5th November is of course Bonfire Night and this is about the only time we do not celebrate as our human friends do, we forest animals don’t like the loud bangs from the fireworks so we have a get together and a bit of a huddle and comfort each other

meanwhile Molly Mole serves up a delicious broth  supper. With Halloween & Bonfire Night past we are all looking forward to Christmas and I look forward to keeping you up to-date with our festive activities in the coming weeks


All the best to you all


Digger Mole