Digger’s Diary Begins

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Welcome to my weekly blog ‘Diggers Diary’

My clever friends Jon & David at ‘Tickling Trout’ have suggested I tell you all about myself my family and friends down here in the Forest, and if you like what I write you can let me know.

Digger's Diary


So where do I start my name is Digger Mole I am a Mole of course but I think I am quite a clever Mole. I am married to Molly Mole she is lovely and soft and cuddly and a great cook, and we have three younger moles (our children). The oldest is Melanie Mole she enjoys shopping and helping her mum as much as possible around the house and Melanie has a boyfriend a badger named Dave. The second oldest is Dapper Mole he is very proud of his wardrobe of clothes, he like to stay in fashion and always looks very smart Dapper hates getting dirty but living as we do in the Forest it’s not always possible to keep clean.


Our youngest is Dinky Mole so named because he is small even by Mole standards Dinky is never happier than when he is exploring deep in the forest, he has many friends and you will learn about many of them as my diary will explain  Well that is my immediate family. I also have a brother Skipper Mole Skipper spends a lot of his time on his boat, which is moored not far from where we live Skipper lives onboard and is never happier than when he sets sails on one of his adventures and you will soon learn all about these here in my diary.


One adventure Skipper went on last Thursday was to sail along the Solent to Portsmouth. It was a lovely sunny morning and he set off early as he wanted to see the arrival at Portsmouth Harbour of the navies newest and largest aircraft carrier ever HMS Queen Elizabeth. As Skipper watched it slowly make its way up Portsmouth Harbour he thought how clever the Captain was to steer such a large ship, it was much larger than his little cabin cruiser and Skipper thought he might write to the Captain and see if he could visit the ship one day.  If he does I’m sure I will write and tell you all about it here in my diary


I haven’t told you have I …I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago in Brixham in Devon.  it was great…I visited my cousin a teddy bear that is an ace on the diving board and I took some great photographs of him somersaulting off of the diving board.  I also visited a copy of a very old ship the ‘Golden Hind.


Well I have got lots to do today so will stop this entry for now!
I look forward to writing to you soon.
Bye for now ….Digger Mole