Life in the New Forest

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An update of the Mole Family life down here in the New Forest

As I mentioned last week I might go on a fishing trip with a brother Skipper Mole well I did we set off early in the morning to catch the tide and we soon had ‘Ernie’ Skipper’s boat prepared for sea…fuel in the tank..our life jackets at the ready..and all navigation equipment turned on…we relayed our intentions to the harbour master as we slowly made our way out of the  River Lymington, we were just behind one of Wightlinks car ferries so stayed astern of her until we were out of the river, navigating our way down river was so peaceful and as we slowly passed the various marker posts the last marker as we left the river is known as ‘Jack in the Basket’ and history tells us that years ago the fishermans wives would row out to ‘Jack in the Basket’ and leave food for the fisherman to collect to save them coming all the way home again We didn’t need to worry about that as Molly had prepared lots of food for us stored in a large picnic basket stored in the cabin

Once we were out in the Solent the waves became larger offering a nice gentle swell and Ernie really liked that gently rising and falling with every crest & trough…lovely  We headed out past the Needles and then turned East to motor on behind the Isle of Wight.

We went out into the really deep water at the back of the Island and started to fish Well the fish were certainly biting and we soon reeling them in We had a lovely day at sea and late afternoon we headed home Back pass the Needles and we dropped into Yarmouth for a refreshing drink before making our crossing back to Lymington We moored ‘Ernie’ cleaned and tidied him and by the time I got home to Molly and the children I was really tired but what a wonderful day on the sea I had

We moored ‘Ernie’ cleaned and tidied him and by the time I got home to Molly and the children I was really tired but what a wonderful day on the sea I had Skipper tells me will be taking ‘Ernie’ out of the water next month to have him scraped and repainted ready for next year and as usual I have offered to help him and I know several other moles will too as they go out with him regularly as well and ‘many hands make light work’
and I know Skipper enjoys the company also.

Next week we are off to Southampton Boat Show, Skipper likes to see all the new equipment available and I am sure he will buy something…I’ll let you know next week what it is

Dinky is enjoying being back at school and having caught up with his friends, and has quickly settled into his new class and is enjoying the lessons

Montagu Mole took himself and one of his old racing cars up to Brooklands this week and I will write next week and tell you all about that, Montagu loves to drive very fast and was able to do that on parts of the race track, sounds exciting….

Well that about it from down here deep in the forest, please visit a new website at

Bye for now Digger Mole