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Welcome to another a page of ‘Diggers Diary’.

Well we down here in the New Forest like else where are rapidly coming to the end of the Summer

The forest is still looking splendid with the vibrant colours still showing through the shafts of light as the sun penetrates the woodland canopy the days are still warm which means the younger moles are rushing around exploring all there is to be found around these amazing parts

Last Monday I took the family in the Molewaggon (of course) along our own underground roads to Salisbury to visit some friends there.

They live close to Stonehenge which in its self is an amazing place but you should see all the things we can below ground, it really is a treasure trove of artifacts & history…I must write a story about the area one day

On Tuesday we visited Romsey, another lovely old Market Town full of history we have some friends whom live in the grounds of Broadlands House but we didn’t visit them ….Molly Mole likes shopping in Bradbeers so that’s where we headed to

Of course, we also did some food shopping, and enjoyed a Chinese lunch in South Garden…lovely back to the Molewaggon and we were soon safely home in Molehampton

On Friday we took the Molewaggon for yet another run this time down to Port-Solent just outside Portsmouth. We are trying to get as many trips in this week before the younger moles return to school. Again Molly & Melanie enjoyed looking around the shops, while Dapper Dinky & I enjoyed looking around the many boats moored in the Marina

We should have brought Skipper Mole with us but he was off to Swanage on a fishing trip so couldn’t be with us today

We all enjoyed a lovely family lunch in the Harvester before heading home late afternoon

During the weekend Molly was preparing some lovely food and baking…as we approach Autumn

Molly likes to get the food cupboards well stocked up, so if the weather should turn bad we don’t have to venture out for large shopping trips

Molly is at her happiest when she is cooking and has the family around and we all enjoyed a lovely relaxing weekend

Skipper returned from his fishing trip with plenty of fish and Molly has them now to cook lovely, lovely, lovely, however I was in for a real surprise when Skipper brought in not one but two lobsters, now that is a real treat, and can’t wait for tea-time

Well that’s about it from us deep down in the New Forest, we have lots more planned for next week so I will write & keep you updated to our activities…meanwhile you have a great time yourselves

Bye for now

Digger Mole